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Plenty of Sparkle at Christine’s Salon

Posted on Jun 30, 2011 by in Bread & Butter |


We shared everything from gossip, to foot massages, to pie and a few literary secrets after several champagne cocktails. We learned how Christine Schwab would restyle Donald Trump’s hair. We learned to NEVER EVER wear tight white pants. But most importantly we learned that ARTHRITIS is never said allowed in Hollywood. Christine is the official spokesperson for Rheumatoid Arthritis and is doing all she can to push the knowledge that there is help for folks with RA. She’s trying to get some big name celebrities to come forward so RA isn’t a behind the scenes debilitating painful disease, but instead folks can hear about the successes the medical world has already achieved and those in need can be made aware. As well as those already getting help can not be ashamed.

The salon followed many roads of discourse, as usual, but this salon especially carried an air of celebration as Christine shared so many moving, funny and inspiring details from her new memoir TAKE ME HOME FROM THE OSCARS. By the end of the day, we felt as though we had all walked the red carpet. It was a lavish day from head to toe:

Pies: Beef Bourguignon in a Cottage Cheese Pastry, Veggie Khoresht-e (see Persian Pie recipe from Susan Salon) in a seedy lavosh crust.

Dessert Pies: 4-cherry pie, only I forgot the 4th cherry. But you couldn’t really tell! In an all butter crust.

Champagne cocktails to pretend we were Gatsby’s friends: Kir Royale, Bellinis, Mimosas & Ghosts (green with midori!)